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The Parry Family’s Allstars Kids Club Adventure!

So the Parry family are taking a leap of faith this March!

Allstars Kids Club began as a dream back in 2010 as a means to create and release new fresh Christian kids content around the world for children, families and churches. 

Fast forward to 2018, and Allstars Kids Club has seen hundreds of thousands of kids and families reached through global TV broadcasts, Music, kids magazines, apps, events and our website. We have partnered with dozens of ministries, worked with many Christian kids artists and enjoy meeting new kids leaders all the time and exploring ways to release to the world what God is doing in kids ministries. We have also launched a FREE kids TV streaming site.

Allstars Kids Club is and has always been a non-profit ministry, with all income being put back in to generate more resources, and to work with and raise up new kids writers and worship leaders. We will be a pack of all ages, so you can bring the family along for our net events. For the babies there will be stimulation workshops to help parents learn the importance of stimulating them. There will be a special one to know when do infants start talking so you can prepare with your kids and learn how to communicate and help the with their development !

So as of March 1st 2017, Si is stepping up to run Allstars Kids Club full-time. At present Allstars Kids Club does not generate anywhere enough income to support any salaries and much of the content has been created with the gifts and time of some amazing friends (and lots of cups of tea)

Everything we create is done in-house. Whether it’s our full colour glossy magazines, kids music, TV shows, app or kids resources.

We are so passionate that Allstars Kids Club is a fun and creative ministry that shares God’s Word in as many homes as possible around the world.

This year is an exciting one, full of ideas and projects ready to go.

Over the next 6 months we plane to release:

  • An Easter Kids Worship resource (new original song, backing tracks, videos and more)

  • A preschool Kids album

  • A new live Kids Worship album

  • A new weekly Kids news show (online, TV and streaming)

  • God’s Amazing Animals – a fun preschool TV show

  • Brian- a new fun puppet TV show

  • Amazing Baking – a new fun Bible Baking TV show

  • 3 more issue of the Allstars Kids Magazine (distributed around the world)

  • Working with Heartsmart and Dave Hill in developing a new church resource

  • A new HisKidsUnited single each month

  • Releasing fresh new arrangements of classic family worship song each month

  • Working with some new songwriters in the UK and USA on new material

  • and much more (including some live roadshows!)

Our heart has always been to make as much content available either free or at a great price. This is something we plan to continue. There will of course be product for sale and this will help generate income to cover costs and invest in new exciting media for children.

And we have a new Media Studio space!

Since making the decision to step out, we have seen God do some amazing things. This week was a pretty awesome one.  We have been praying for a small space to base Allstars Kids Club in as it grows (and space to film, build sets, record etc).  This week we were given the keys to a 3 bed detached house to use as a base for Allstars Kids Club – free of charge.  An amazing space to build TV show sets, gather creative kids people, record new music, film, write and much more. We are so amazed at God’s provision.

Will You Help Us?

We believe God that Allstars Kids Club is a God idea and are believing God for people that believe in the mission of Allstars Kids Club and want to partner with us to take the amazing good news of Jesus to people all over this planet.

We have big dreams and vision to see new creative media reaching children and families but all of the projects require capital to create and release.

We also have a new big space to fill with equipment to enable us to create and release new TV shows, Kids music and much more from our new Allstars Kids Studios. Everything from tripods and  lights to chairs and cables.

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Please visit  to find out more.

Thank You so much for reading this far and considering supporting the Parry family and the work of Allstars Kids Club in reaching children and families around the world with the Gospel and good news of Jesus.