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Thank You!

Thank you so much for being willing to support the work of Allstars Kids Club.

As a non-profit ministry, our heart is to reach kids and families around the world with the good news of Jesus, but also to create fun, inspiring and wholesome content through magazines, music, TV and events.

We work hard to make sure that most of what we do and create is made available free, as we want to be a blessing to kids and families and see that everyone can access what we do – whatever their background, situation or location.

So whether you feel able to give a one-off gift or support us monthly, we are so thankful for you willingness to partner with us to create and reach all over the world with the Jesus-filled good news.

Every penny given will go to create new content and to continue to offer children, families, schools and churches resources that are clean, fun and full of Jesus.

Thank you!