The home of great media stuff for Kids

Our heart and vision

Our main heart, goal and aim is to provide, produce and create the very best kids Worship, magazines and media…ever

We love to see children of all ages worship God. No one is too young or small to know and  worship God, and we want to be a big part in enabling this to happen.

So, Allstars Kids Club is a UK based not-for-profit Kids Media and Worship ministry who’s aim is to highlight, provide, produce and create the best in creative Kids media that reaches children all over the world and give loads of glory to God.
It was set up by kids pastor and kids songwriter, Simon Parry in 2009.

So whether it’s our music, our TV shows, Kids worship, our videos, our roadshows or our hugely successful Christian Kids Magazines – we are here to share the love and good of Jesus.

Working with awesome award winning producers and musicians, TV studios with big ideas, dreams and with a heart for kids and Jesus, we hope that Allstars Kids Club will be a great new home for Kids worship  and media on planet earth!

We love to give our content away or make available and amazing prices and rely on support from some amazing people all over the world who share in our vision to see children of all nations and background hear the good news of Jesus.