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Allstars Kids Club presents HOME.

HOME is a new album of songs written especially for children and families dealing with grief.

Everyday, children and families deal with loss and grief, whether the loss of a child, parent, grandparent or friend. Our prayer is that this album would be a comfort and hope to those who listen to it.

Produced by Tyler Smith and Simon Parry in Franklin, Nashville, and with a whole host of musicians and artists, Home is a special and unique kids album on a theme that affects everybody, every day all over the world.

The project features 14 songs (9 brand new original songs) , beautiful strings, children’s choir, gentle vocals and space to rest and remember.

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Album Feedback

” As a dad, saying goodbye to your child is the hardest thing ever.
This album shares the thoughts we have when saying goodbye to a loved one. It’s such a great outlet for emotions. I’ll listen forever.”

” This is such an awesome resource. Kids may not always have the words, or even understand their own pain, but the lyrics and music from this album will easily express what they may not be able to.”

Music + lyric videos


Jeff Slaughter
Beci Wakerley (Hillsong Kids)
Randall Goodgame (Slugs & Bugs)
Simon Parry (Allstars Kids)
Casey Corum
Hannah Schaefer
Ben Torrens
Brandon Chase
Paul Bell
Deborah Hartup
Emily Parry

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